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    Air purifier uv lamps

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    SafeGuard UV Bulbs

    This UV bulb is an exact fit for a SafeGuard UV Cleanser. 
    The length of this bulb is 12 inches long. 

    This bulb is a direct replacement for the SafeGuard UV Cleanser.
    The SafeGuard 14 inch replacement lamp was created for limited space applications. 
    For a shorter bulb; please view our SafeGuard 12" replacement bulb.

    * For best results UV Lamps must be replaced annually.

    The 16" Standard Replacement bulb is a high output replacement UVC Bulb for the SafeGuard UV Cleanser. 
    For limited amount of space we please view our 12" and 14" SafeGuard UV Replacement Lamps. 
    These are OEM replaements for the SafeGuard UV Cleanser.

    * For best preformance bulbs must be replaced annually.
    * For extra savings; view our Long-Life SafeGuard UV Replacement Bulbs which allows killing power for up to 2 years.

    Replacemnt Electronic Ballast for newer Model SafeGuard UV Cleansers.
    This ballast measures approximately 4"x2"x1" and will only fit in the chasis of newer model SafeGuard UV Cleansers.
    Replacement UV bulb for the SafeGuard 24 volt UV unit.
    This UV Bulb will fit in the Shield 24 volt Uv coil Cleanser and the SpaceSaver 24 volt UV Coil Cleanser.
    Replacement 24" uv bulbs for the SG AirWash PCO Unit.
    These are an OEM replacement UV Bulb for the AirWash PCO.
    24" 22000 hour replacement uv bulb
    This bulb is an exact fit for the SafeGuard Knight Light Cleanser. 
    Manufacturer requires UV lamps to be replaced annually.
    Annual replacement of uv bulbs will increase the life span of the cleanser.
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