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    Water treatment uv lamps

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    Light-sources UV lamp
    Our standard and custom specialty lamps offer tremendous benefit to our clients. These technologies include Quartz Germipak Cell Lamps, Quartz U-Lamps, Quartz Compact Lamps and Soft Glass Compact Lamps.

    Quartz Germipak Cell Lamps are a series of integrated UVC lamp assemblies, which are mounted directly inside quartz sleeves. This concept offers a wide range of custom design possibilities for the OEM.

    All quartz lamps are also available in a series of standard models. Standard units have 15 millimeter (mm) lamps and 20.5 mm diameter sleeves, which provide protection against air and water flow, breakage, leakage, temperature fluctuations, and environmental hazards without sacrificing efficiency. They are designed for single ended use in a variety of modes, including instant start, preheat, and rapid start.

    Standard units employ a four-pin ceramic collared base and lampholders can be designed to fit the equipment designer’s needs. Standard high-quality Kulka fluorescent and incandescent lampholders are also available. For clients developing a new product line, Light Sources and LightTech can custom design proprietary patented bases, enabling clients to maintain replacement lamp after-market sales.

    Germipak UV Cell Lamps offer very economical components for point of use (POU) water systems and other applications.

      Tube Diameter Sleeve Diameter BF - lamp end Arc Length Power1 Current Voltage1 UV output at 254nm1 Rated Life
    mm mm mm mm W mA V μW/cm2 w hrs.
    GCL436T5L/Cell 15 20.5 436 356 21 425 51 65 6.5 16,000
    GCL793T5L/Cell 15 20.5 793 713 38 425 92 111 12.1 16,000
    GCL36T5L/Cell 15 20.5 842 762 41 425 98 130 14 16,000
    GCL436T5VH/Cell 15 20.5 436 356 21 425 51 65 6.5 16,000
    GCL793T5VH/Cell 15 20.5 793 713 38 425 92 111 12.1 16,000
    GCL36T5VH/Cell 15 20.5 842 762 41 425 98 130 14 16,00
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