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  • First UVC | Pioneer Manufacturer in 222nm far-uvc light

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    First UVC 222nm far-uvc light where efficient, safety inactivates airborne human coronaviruses and harmless to human skin and eyes.


    Create and Launch New Technology Fast

    FIRSTUVC’s comprehensive OEM/ODM services include everything from designing, prototyping and manufacturing, to compliance testing/certification, operations and logistics. A veritable one-stop-shop, we offer custom branding as a part of our solution package to providing our customers with a complete and personalized product and service solution from concept to market.

    Our expert engineers will provide you with custom platforms and off-the-shelf design options to meet your exact business needs. We can take care of inventory management so you can focus on growth. Our high capacity production facilities are located in CHINA and are audit against strict ISO certification standards.


    With "FIRSTUVC DF28B-B3 20w Modular" you may integrate with you own devices. Best fit for Robot UV Disinfection devices,
    sanitary equipment, Medical lighting Disinfection equipment and more.


    Whether you need an off the shelf or a fully custom platform, our experienced engineering team will design a system just for you.


    With high capacity production facilities in CHINA, we can handle all your OEM/ODM product manufacturing needs.


    Our engineering team creates tests and fine-tunes a working proof-of-concept. Then, you’re ready to hit the market.

    Operations & Logistics

    We can manage your inventory on global scale. Using our customer portal, you are able to track your deliveries in real-time.

    Compliance Testing

    We provide a full range of global compliance testing and agency certifications including CE, RoHS,,FCC.etc

    Custom Branding

    Our branding team can create a full range of options for OEM/ODM products to match your corporate visual identity or new product launch.

    These days, open-source hardware is the rage among venture capitalists, technologists and hackers.

    The idea is that we offer a kit of 222nm Far UVC Module, which anyone (OEMs) can then adapt and integrate whatever you like..

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